Reliability. Without the $$.

A pool costs a lot of money. The obvious thing to do is maximise the return on that investment.


Heating systems increase annual pool utilisation rates, help attract new customers and retain existing ones. 


You can heat your pool the old-fashioned way with gas (or heat-pump) units - and watch $$$ flow off the P&L in utility costs. Or, you can use the free energy of the sun to minimise your heating costs. The choice is yours.

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Extend the season with pool heating

Innovida's partnership strategy is to use our experience to only choose the suppliers with highest ethical standards and quality components, to ensure exceptional reliability, performance and expertise. The centre-piece of any solar installation are the solar collectors - they determine solar energy extraction performance and (to a large degree) reliability. SolarArk's evacuated tube collectors are the best solar collector in the market in its class, and backed with their engineering expertise provides assurance that each commercial pool system is custom-designed for task - reducing risk and providing peace of mind.

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Efficient & Attractive Solar Collectors
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Brand yourself

You could heat your pool just using Electricity or Gas. Sure, it works. The guys who sell it to you ain't payin' the bills after they leave though. Sure takes a lot of energy to heat tens of thousands of litres of water.


Oh yeah the SUN! That big FREE heater in the sky. Uhuh. But your business still runs when the sun stops shining.


Innovida provides top-quality non-renewable (i.e. electric or gas) heaters which work seamlessly in tandem with your solar heater.


So you can save money by leveraging the sun when its shining and maintain only when you have to from the grid.

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We Laugh at Possums and Rats and Things

Possums. Cockatoos. Rats. The sweet creatures of the Australian bush. We love to deprive 'em of a good solar heating system meal. 


Our ultra-high efficiency collectors and pipework are impervious to the little suckers. 


Its expensive when your pool empties, pumps burn out, gutters rust out, and guys climb on roofs to fix it all. You could always invoice the repair bill to the cockatoo to stop him from doing it again the following week...

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