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There is a lot information - and misinformation from well-meaning people - about renewable energy systems. It's tempting to simply pick the nicest-looking advertisement and see how it all pans out. There's lots of different technologies, brands and suppliers to choose from each type to get the outcome you want: a reliable, cost-effective and sustainable infrastructure for your house, building or facility. But the PV guy doesn't know anything about hot water, the heating guy doesn't know about PV or wind, the pool guy doesn't know (or seem to care) about either, and who can help audit, measure or predict my total energy demands/needs to begin with?

What if you could discuss your total energy infrastructure requirements with one organisation who will analyse, design, and arrange installation of a right-sized system by accredited installers?

Reduce utility bills FOREVER
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Solar thermal and PV (photovoltaic) electric generation systems have evolved significantly over the last 5-10 years in terms of technology and economic perspectives.

Solar Thermal: Highly efficient and cold-weather-proof Evacuated Tube collectors are more reliable affordable than ever, and excel when the weather is cold when you really need heat.

Solar PV: readily available panels are now more than 20% efficient, and $/kW have dropped immensely to the point where solar electricity is 'cheaper than grid' in many cases. 

Batteries & Supercapacitors: a common challenge is matching renewable energy generation with energy usage. Latest generation energy storage technologies can keep the lights on and bills away after dark.

On and Off Grid Backup: Diesel Generators, Heat Pumps, Gas boilers or even wetback furnaces can provide energy assurance & reliability.

Let Innovida help navigate the technology and system choices for you, designing & supplying a right-sized system installed by Clean Energy Council (CEC) accredited installers.


Installation Matters.

Unfortunately, there have been many instances in Australia and elsewhere, where unlicensed installers have produced unsafe, unreliable or non-compliant installations. 

Innovida's established network of installers provide peace of mind with compliant, high-quality installations by tradespeople with excellent attention to detail.


We can guide you through the paperwork/admin to ensure installation compliance & billing systems are updated to reflect your new profile with your energy retailer.

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