Reliability. Without the $$.

Your business uses a lot of electricity. Which is likely a necessary part of doing what you do. Where are these costs concentrated? How can these costs be optimised? What options do you have to reduce costs based on tariff surcharges?

What if you could minimise your site energy usage AND avoid unnecessary surcharges every month?

First we audit your energy use, then provide strategies to achieve this, in many cases without upgrading or changing your existing plant equipment or business processes. 

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Reduce utility bills FOREVER

Network operators apply surcharges to compensate for inefficient (i.e low power factor) businesses attached to their expensive networks. 

Innovida can monitor  your installation, design & install a Power Factor Correction unit to instantly resolve the problem and remove your reactive power surcharges.

Lighting, Heating, Cooling & Hot Water costs commonly dominate energy consumption. Innovida can review these elements and provide a clear, costed low-risk path to a cleaner, greener and cheaper energy footprint.

Right-sized For Your Requirements

Have an onsite team who's keen to be help resolve?

Innovida can audit, advise, design & supply a system with all required technical documentation so your team can install and manage your built environment moving forward. An an approved Power Factor Correction provider, we can guide you through the paperwork/admin to ensure installation compliance & billing systems are updated to reflect your new operational profile.

Little to no qualified staff with enough spare time to do it?

Want a turn-key solution installed by experienced professionals so you can concentrate on running the business? We can do that too.

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