Swim. Fun. Without the $$.

Your pool cost a lot of money. And you wanna use it a lot, right? Who could blame you? Well...maybe for 3-4 months/year you can. 3-4 months?!?


As Michael Jackson would say..just HEAT IT. oh wait. that was BEAT IT. Anyways, you get the picture.


Make that expensive asset a comfy oasis through Spring-Summer-Autumn  - a whole 9 months...or go the whole hog and swim all year round. The choice is yours. 

Pool Heating Northern Beaches
Make Your Pool Your OASIS
Solar Pool Heating Sydney
CHEAP To Run - 
Set & Forget!

You could heat with Electricity or Gas. Sure, it works. The guys who sell it to you ain't payin' the bills after they leave though. Sure takes a lot of energy to heat tens of thousands of litres of water.


Oh yeah the SUN! That big FREE heater in the sky. Uhuh. But Cheap-n-Cheerful solar heating systems cost a lot to run too.


Innovida FRESHWATER was designed from the start for extreme hi-efficiency. Leave it on 24x7x365 and cost less than a $100/year. TOTAL. (got your attention now?) 

Thought you'd only switch on your pool heating system when you need it? You're keen for a swim, and press the nifty button to switch it on. Woo hoo! 


A watched pot never boils, and 24-48hrs for your pool to be ready sure gets old fast. I don't know about you, but I'm lucky to maintain my planned schedule this afternoon, let alone if I'll still have time for a swim in a couple of days' time.


A heating system that maintains your desired temperature constantly allows you to take control of your leisure time and enjoy your beautiful pool when YOU want to.

Solar Pool Heating Melbourne
Swim When YOU Want To
Solar Pool Heating | possum-proof | vermin-proof

Possums. Cockatoos. Rats. The sweet creatures of the Australian bush. We love to deprive 'em of a good solar heating system meal. 


Our ultra-high efficiency collectors and pipework are impervious to the little suckers. 


Its expensive when your pool empties, pumps burn out, gutters rust out, and guys climb on roofs to fix it all. You could always invoice the repair bill to the cockatoo to stop him from doing it again the following week...

We Laugh at Possums and Rats and Things
Solar Pool Heating Sydney

Still thinking of trying to save a few bucks up-front & install Cheap-n-Cheerful Solar? OK. Just hope you don't want anything else on the roof. Such as? Skylights. Solar Electric Panels. Roof Vents (whirlybirds). A fake chimney for Santa Claus.


Our ultra-high efficiency collectors leave space on your roof for other stuff too. Or maybe install your pool heating on a pool cabana/shed roof instead of the house. 


Either way, loading your house roof up with several hundred metres of rubber hose collecting leaves is *uuugly* and doesn't leave you room up there for anything else.

Efficient & Attractive Solar Collectors

Innovida Solar Pool Heating

Designed and Built in Australia, for Australian pools

Using the best from Australia, Europe and America

So You Can Enjoy Your Pool Whenever You Want To