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Solar Process Heating Sydney


Washing, Cleaning, Sterilisation, Manufacturing or simply for human consumption.

Water costs a LOT to heat!

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Solar Process Heating Sydney
$$$ to run

The traditional method of supplying large volumes of hot water to support business processes usually involves electric or gas boilers in conjunction with storage tanks, all sized to provide sufficient hot water volume for projected usage patterns.


But there's a large fusion reactor in the sky (the sun) providing unlimited free heating energy! Can't I use that to pre-heat the water and save a stack of money and allow us to to 'walk the walk' prove our Green creds?

Well - yes! I'm glad you asked. Innovida can design & install a solar-boosted process water heating system so you can achieve exactly that.

Right-sized For Your Requirements

Innovida and our partners work to fully understand  your water heating usage, and design & install a turnkey system to drastically reduce or even eliminate your heating costs.


Highest Performing Components

Innovida's premium system leverages best-in-class evacuated tube collectors from SolarArk with a 15 year warranty. We can provide custom-sized storage tanks and heat exchangers to optimise the performance and lifespan of the system - lowering the system lifecycle cost to maximise your bottom line.

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FREE energy 
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